FS-01BL Datasheet – Reliable Flashlight ( PDF )

Part Number: FS-01BL

Function: The Super-Bright Always Reliable Flashlight

Manufacturer: NTE Electronics

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FS-01BL datasheet



The “Emerge ‘N See Light” is a flashlight that generates light anywhere, anytime with a simple twist of the wrist and crank of the built-in handle. No batteries are required. The flashlight uses three ultrabright LEDs that provide a wide strong beam of white light and never need replacing! With a simple push of a button, the flashlight has 2 settings to produce the amount of light you need.


1. No batteries required
2. Simple cranking generates all the power you need
3. LEDs never need replacing
4. Generate light anywhere, anytime
5. 3 Ultra-bright LEDs
6. 90 day warranty
7. Available in 2 metallic colors – silver and blue.

Other data sheets are available within the file: FS-01BK, FS-03BL, FS-03PW, FS-03RD

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FS-01BL pdf