G121SN01V3 Datasheet – 12.1″, Color TFT-LCD ( PDF )

Part Number: G121SN01V3

Function: 12.1, Inch Color TFT-LCD

Package: AUO ( AU Optronics )

Manufacturer: AU Optronics


G121SN01V3 datasheet



The G121SN01V3 is a Color Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display composed ofa TFT-LCD display, a driver circuit, and a backlight system. The screen format is i ntended to support SVGA (800(H) x600(V)) screen and 16.2M (RGB 8-bits) or 262K colors (RGB 6-bits). All  input  signals are LVDS  interface compatible. Inverter card of backlight is not  included.


1. Screen Diagonal [inch] 12.1
2. Active Area [mm] 246.0(H) x 184.5(V)
3. Pixels H x V 800×3(RGB) x 600
4. Pixel Pitch [mm] 0.3075 x 0.3075
5. Pixel Arrangement R.G.B. Vertical Stripe
6. Display Mode TN, Normally White
7. Nominal Input Voltage VDD [Volt] 3.3 typ.
8. Typical Power Consumption [Watt] 7.8W (64 Gray Bar Pattern, exclude inverter)
9. Weight [Grams] 660g (typ.)
10. Physical Size [mm] 279.0(H)x 209.0(V) x 11.0(D) (typ.)
11. Electrical Interface 1 channel LVDS
12. Surface Treatment AG, Hardness 3H
13. Support Color 16.2M/262K colors

Other data sheets are available within the file: G121SN01-V3


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