G240HW01-V0 Datasheet PDF – 24.0” Color TFT-LCD, Manual

Part Number: G240HW01-V0

Function: 24.0” Color TFT-LCD

Manufacturer: AU Optronics


G240HW01-V0 datasheet



This specification applies to the 24 inch-wide Color TFT-LCD Module G240HW01 V0.  The display supports the Full HD -1920(H) x 1080(V) screen format and 16.7M colors (RGB 8-bits data). All input signals are dual channel LVDS interface.

LED driver board isincluded. G240HW01-V0 is designed for industrial display applications.


1. Screen Diagonal [mm] 609.7(24.0”)

2. Active Area [mm] 531.36 (H) x 298.89 (V)

3. Pixels H x V 192 0(x3) x 1080

4. Pixel Pitch [um] 276.75 (per one triad) ×276.75

5. Pixel Arrangement R.G.B. Vertical Stripe

6. Display Mode VA Mode, Normally Black

7. White Luminance ( Center ) [cd/m2] 300

8. Contrast Ratio 5000: 1

9. Optical Response Time [msec] 25

10. Nominal Input Voltage VDD [Volt] +5.0 V

11. Power Consumption [Watt] 30

12. Weight [g] 2300 (typical)

13. Physical Size [mm] 556.0 (W) x 323.2 (H) x 17.0 (D)

14. Electrical Interface Dual channel LVDS

15. Support Color 16.7M colors (true 8-bit)

Other data sheets are available within the file: G240HW01


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