G5201 Datasheet – Voltage-Mode Buck PWM Controller – GMT

Part Number: G5201

Function: 5V/12V Input Voltage-Mode Buck PWM Controller

Package: SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Global Mixed-mode Technology Inc. ( http://www.gmt.com.tw )

Pinout :
G5201 datasheet pinout


G5201P11U is Marking G5201.

The G5201 provides complete control and protection for a DC-DC converter for high power applications. It is designed to drive two N-channel MOSFETs in a synchronous-rectified buck topology. The G5201 integrates all of the control, and protection functions into a single package.
The G5201 provides simple, single feedback loop, voltage-mode control with fast transient response. It includes a 300kHz free-running triangle-wave oscillator. The error amplifier features a 15MHz gain-band width product which provides high converter band width for fast transient performance. The resulting PWM duty ratio ranges from 0% to 80%. The reference voltage is 0.8V, 2% accuracy.

Typical Application Circuit :

G5201 circuit

G5201 Datasheet PDF Download


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