GB042-10P-H10-E3000 Datasheet – PCB Connector ( PDF )

Part Number: GB042-10P-H10-E3000

Function: 0.4mm pitch PCB to PCB Connector

Package: PCB SMT type connector

Manufacturer: LS Connector


GB042-10P-H10-E3000 datasheet


1. GB042 series Connector is 0.4 mm pitch, low profile PCB to PCB SMT type connector.
2. Improved contact reliability with plug and receptacle contacting at 2 point simultaneously.
3. Stable unmating mechanism preventing receptacle contact from being deformed.


1. No. of Contacts : 10~80
2. Stacking Height : 1.0mm
3. Contact Spacing : 0.4mm
4. Current Rating : AC, DC 0.3A/pin
5. Voltage Rating : AC, DC 50V
6. Dielectric Withstanding Voltage : AC 250V r.m.s(for one minute)
7. Insulation Resistance : 1000MΩ
8. Contact Resistance : 70mΩ
9. Operating Temp. : -25℃ ~ +85℃


1. Mobile phone
2. Compact portable devices, etc



Other data sheets are available within the file:

GB042-20P-H10-E3000, GB042-24P-H10-E3000, GB042-28P-H10-E3000, GB042-30P-H10-E3000

GB042-10P-H10-E3000 Datasheet PDF Download

GB042-10P-H10-E3000 pdf

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