GC7137A Datasheet – Display A/D Converter ( PDF )

Part Number: GC7137A

Function: Three half-LED Display A/D converter

Package: DIP, SOP 24 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Unspecified


GC7137A datasheet



The GC7137A is a high performance, low-cost three and a half A/D converter circuit. It contains seven sections of the translation Code reader, scan display drivers, reference sources and clock system that can directly drive LED display characters.

The device be a good combination with high precision, versatility and low cost applications together, it has less than 10μV The auto zero function, zero drift of less than 1μV / ℃, lower than the input current 10pA, the polarity switching error is less than A word. GC7137 integrated differential input and differential reference source in a variety of systems are very easy to use. It can be widely For a variety of single-chip measurement unit and display meter.

Application Circuits :



1. To ensure zero-level input, the readings of each range are zero.

2. Chip built-in frequency calibrated clock oscillator

3. True differential input and differential reference source

4. Single power supply 5V or external positive and negative dual power supply

5. Very low noise (less than 15µVp-p)

6. Display scan drive, no external components required

7. Low power consumption (typically less than 10mW)

8. Built-in precision bandgap reference source

Other data sheets are available within the file: GC7137


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