GH-1C-12L PDF Datasheet – 12V, 0.36W, Relay – Golden

The Part Number is GH-1C-12L, GH1C12L.

This post explains for the relay.

The function of this semiconductor is 12V, Relay.

Package: DIP 5 Pin

Manufacturer: GH ( Golden Relays )

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GH-1C-12L pdf


The GH-1C-12L is 12V, 0.36W, Relay.

A relay is an electrically operated switch that opens or closes a circuit by activating an electromagnet to actuate the switch. It allows a low-power electrical signal, such as from a microcontroller or sensor, to control a much larger current or voltage, such as required to drive a motor or light bulb.


1. Superminiature, High power.

2. Low coil power consumption.

3. PC board mounting.

4. Suitable for household appliance, automation system, electronic equipment, instrument and meter, communication facilities and remote control facilities.


Contact Data :

1. Contact Arrangement 1A, 1B, 1C

2. Contact Material Nil: Ag-CdO S: Ag-SnO2

3. Contact Rating (resistive) 5A, 6A, 10A, 12A,15A/125VAC,28VDC; 6A/277VAC; 5A,10A/250VAC

4. Max. Switching Power 336W 2500VA

5. Max. Switching Voltage 110VDC 380VAC Max. Switching Current:12A

6. Contact Resistance or Voltage drop 50mΩ Max. Item 3.12 of IEC255-7

7. Operation Electrical 105 Item 3.30 of IEC255-7

8. life Mechanical 107 Item 3.31 of IEC255-7

GH-1C-12L pinout datasheet

GH-1C-12L Datasheet PDF