GPD2846A Datasheet – TF Card MP3 Decoder Board Module

Part Number: GPD2846A, GPD2846

Function: TF Card MP3 Decoder Board 2W Amplifier Module

Package: SOP 16 Pin

Manufacturer: Generalplus


GPD2846A image


The GPD2846A is an integrated MP3 player IC with FM radio and Line In features with 2W mono amplifie, maximum output 3W @ 5.0V supply (recommendation : 4Ω3W speaker).



1. Support MP3 playback formats.
2. Playable T card / SD card, U disk, FM, and external audio sources (LineIn), inserted after the first broadcast, but also by Mode key switch.
3. Automatically detects the headset is plugged in, and so by the IO port (Mute) Switch the external power amplifier directly, without external transistor.
4. Support the volume size, the number of songs stored on … T card / SD card, U disk, users can save EEPROM
5. It can automatically detect and decide whether an external EEPROM in EEPROM or T card / SD card, U disk, save the settings.
6. In an AD-key port to achieve a variety of button combinations.
7. There are two groups AD-key keyboard to choose from.
8. FM radio chip supports 3: RDA5807, BK1080 and RTC6207E.
9. It does not support infrared remote control,USB device mode nor USB audio mode.

Pin assignment

GPD2846A datasheet pinout

1. V33REG DVDD33 : digital power 3.3V.
2. V50REG VMCU / BAT : lithium battery input, 3.3V ~ 5V.
3. VSSREG DVSS : Digital ground.
4. DACOL DACL : left audio signal output.
5. VCOM : center audio signal Vref, please plug 1uF capacitor voltage.
6. DACOR DACR  right channel audio output.
7. LINEIN_R  LineInR + L LineIn left + right input.
8. IOA4  AD-key buttons.
9. IOA3  FMCLK if IOA3 pull-down resistor to ground, IOA3 will output clock signal to the outside Hanging FM radio IC. If IOA3 is vacant, FM radio IC will  Shall take their 32768Hz crystal.
10. IOA2  Mute Mute: Mute the external amplifier
11. DM DM  USB of DM.
12. DP DP  USB of DP.
13. IOA0  IO-key / LED
(1) plug-in LED light: Output “1” represents the lit LED.
(2) as well as IO-key1.
(3) as well as options, are used to define the key mode.
14. IOB1  SD_CLK: clock output T card / SD card. SD_DET: detecting whether there is an SD card is  inserted, to read “0” on behalf of insertion. Please connect a 3.3KΩ resistance.
15. IOB0  SD_CMD: T card / SD card command and response. I2C_CLK: I2C the clock; the external EEPROM, and FM.
16. IOB2  SD_DAT: data input T card / SD Card / output.  I2C_DAT: I2C of data; and external EEPROM FM.

GPD2846A Datasheet PDF Download

GPD2846A pdf


Other data sheets are available within the file:  GPD2846

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