GSL1680 Datasheet PDF – Capacitive Touchscreen Controller

Part Number: GSL1680

Function: Capacitive Touchscreen Controller

Package: 40-pin 5x5mm QFN Type

Manufacturer: Silead Inc


GSL1680 datasheet



The GSL1680 uses a unique mutual capacitive sensing technology. It allows the measurement of up to 192 nodes in less than 1ms. GSL168X’s capacitive sensor is designed to work with a big range of sensor selections, including single or two layer sensor glass or film, strip or diamond or their varying sensor patterns, thin or thick ITO layers.

The GSL168X’s sophisticated anti-EMI signal processing technology make it completely immune to all kinds of interferences including these from LCD, RF, power supply and environments. This makes GSL168X be able to adapt to all kinds of phone design.

This IC can be configured in various ways, it is possible to disable some scanning or sensing channels so that they are not scanned at all. This can be used to improve overall scanning time.
Although the sensing channels are parallel, the data order in the memory of each channel is fully programmable.

The device uses a patented auto-tuning and auto-calibration technology which significantly
reduced the design-in cycle and enabled a very simple host interface.


1. Number of Channels

(1) Up to 16×10

(2) Detec up to 10 fingers

(3) Scan order programmable


2. Scan Speed

(1) Maximum single touch up to 200Hz

(2) Configurable to allow power / speed optimazation.


Other data sheets are available within the file:

GSL1680Q40, GSL1688, GSL1688Q40


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