HA17555PS Datasheet PDF – Precision Timer – Renesas

Part Number: HA17555PS

Function: Precision Timer

Package: DIP, SOP 8 Pin

Manufacturer: Renesas Electronics


HA17555PS datasheet



The HA17555PS Series are ICs designed for accurate time delays or oscillations. It provides both of trigger terminal and reset terminal in order to enable a wide scope of application including Mono Multi Vibrator and Astable Multi Vibrator, and the number of external components is fewer. Further, it’s compatible with NE555 of singnetics.


1. Mono multi vibrator can be constructed with one resistor and one capacitor.

2. Astable multi vibrator can be constructed with two resistors and one capacitor

3. Delay time can be established widely from several μ seconds to several hours.

4. Pulse Duty can be controlled.

5. The maximum value of both sink current and source current is 200mA.

6. Direct connection of output to TTL is possible.

7. Temperature/delay time ratio is 50 ppm/°C (typ).

8. Output is normally in the on and off states.

Schematic :



1. Delay Time Generator (Mono Multi Vibrator)

2. Pulse Generator (Astable Multi Vibrator)

3. Pulse Width Modulator

4. Pulse Location Modulator

5. Miss Pulse Detector

Other data sheets are available within the file: HA17555, HA17555F, HA17555FP

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