HCA0207 PDF Datasheet – Carbon Film Resistor

Part Number: HCA0207

Function: Carbon Film Resistor

Package: Axial Type

Manufacturer: Vishay


HCA0207 pdf resistor


HCA0207 is Carbon Film Resistors, Power Type.

A carbon film resistor is a type of electronic component that is commonly used in electronic circuits to limit or control the flow of electric current. It belongs to the category of passive components, which means it doesn’t amplify or manipulate signals like active components (e.g., transistors).

The carbon film resistor gets its name from the way it’s constructed. It consists of a ceramic rod or substrate that serves as a base. A thin film of carbon is deposited onto the surface of this substrate, and then the resistor’s resistance value is determined by the length, width, and thickness of the carbon film.


• Carbon film resistor with high power rating.

• Stable film structure on special ceramic

• Good overload and pulse withstanding characteristics

• For applications in power electronics and general purpose commercial electronics



HCA0207 datasheet

Carbon film resistors are commonly used in various applications such as voltage dividers, signal conditioning, current limiting, and more. They are less expensive than some other types of resistors (like metal film or wirewound resistors) and can provide satisfactory performance in many electronic designs.

HCA0207 PDF Datasheet