HD3SS2521 Datasheet – DockPort Controller ( PDF )

Part Number: HD3SS2521

Function: DockPort Controller

Package: 5mm x11mm, 56-Pin WQFN Package (RHU)

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


HD3SS2521 datasheet



The HD3SS2521 is an integrated DockPort switch solution. It provides independent 2:1 passive switching for the SuperSpeed USB and Display Port signals as well as for the USB 2.0 (HS/FS/LS) and I2C necessary to support DockPort applications.

In addition, a firmware upgradable integrated DockPort controller is provided to manage host and dock side DockPort detection, signal switch and power configuration.

The HD3SS2521 is offered in 56-pin WQFN package and is specified to operate from a single supply voltage of 3.3V over the temperature range of 0°C to 70°C .


• Supports Host-and Dock-side Applications

• VCC Operating Range 3.3V ± 10%

• SuperSpeed USB I/O Supports Common Mode Voltage from 0V to 2.2V

• USB 2.0 I/O Supports Signal Up to 3.6V

• Wide –3dB Differential BW on High-bandwidth Path of over 6 GHz

• Excellent High-bandwidth Path Dynamic Characteristics on (at 2.5GHz)

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