HG62E Datasheet PDF – CMOS Gate Array – Hitachi

Part Number: HG62E

Function: Hitachi CMOS Gate Array

Package: QFP 64 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Hitachi ( Renesas Electronics )

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HG62E datasheet



The HG62E series is a master slice CMOS gate array of which the gate length is 1um and user 2-layer metal interconnect technology. This series has twelve master chips with high gate count/pads from 770/68 to 24,000/272. These chips can replace not only CMOS logics but also TTL logics due to the high speed of 0.7 ns typ and compatibility of input and output buffers at TTL/CMOS level.


1. Auto-diagnosis
(1) Our DA will generate test circuit and test pattern automatically

2. Low power dissipation
(1) At 10 MHz operation (internal gate) : 200 uW / gate type

3. Powerful desing support
(1) Hierachical design capability
(2) Test pattern evaluation with fault simulator
(3) Auto-generation of test pattern
(4) Designs support at local design center
(5) EWS support available

4. Quick turn around time and resonable development cost


Other data sheets are available within the file: HG62E08, HG62E101, HG62E11, HG62E130

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HG62E pdf