Hi3518 Datasheet PDF – HD IP Camera SoC – HiSilicon

Part Number: Hi3518

Function:  HD IP Camera SoC

Package: BGA Type

Manufacturer: HiSilicon Technologies ( http://www.hisilicon.com )

Hi3518 image


The Hi3518 is a new-generation IP camera SoC for civilian use. It has an integrated
ISP, optimized algorithm for graphics processing before encoding, and an H.264
encoder. By using the advanced low-power technology and low-power architecture, the
Hi3518E is industry-leading in the aspects of low bit rate, high picture quality, and low power

With these features, the Hi3518 meets customers’ requirements for product functions, performance, and image quality, and helps customers significantly reduce the engineering bill of materials (EBOM) costs. The following describes typical 720p IP camera solutions.


Hi3518 Datasheet

Video and Graphics Processing :

1. Video pre-processing, including 3D denoising, image enhancement, edge
enhancement, and deinterlacing

2. Anti-flicker for output videos and graphics

3. 1/16x to 8x video scaling

4. 1/2x to 2x graphics scaling

5. OSD overlay pre-processing for eight regions


Block Diagram

Hi3518 block diagram

Hi3518 Datasheet PDF


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