UFG110 Datasheet PDF – 100V, 1A, Fast Recovery Rectifier

Part Number: UFG110

Function: 1A, 100V, Ultra Fast Rectifier

Package: DO-41 Type

Manufacturer: Microsemi Corporation

Image and Pinouts:

UFG110 datasheet



This is 100V, 1A, Fast Recovery Rectifier.

The recovery diode is connected in parallel with the inductive load and is designed to conduct current as soon as the switch is turned off, effectively short-circuiting the flyback voltage and preventing it from damaging the switch or other components in the circuit. The diode will then cease conducting as the flyback voltage decays, allowing the switch to turn on again.

Recovery diodes are used in a wide range of applications, including switch mode power supplies, DC-DC converters, and motor drives. They are typically chosen based on their voltage and current ratings, reverse recovery time, and switching speed.


1. Ultra fast recovery

2. 175°C junction temperature

3. Vrrm = 100 Volts

4. 1 Amp current rating

5. Trr = 30nS max

UFG110 Informations :

  Electrical Rating   Symbol   Min   Typ   Max   Unit
 Forward Voltage  VF  1.00  V
 Junction Capacitance  CJ  7.00  pF
 Reverse Current  IR  5.00  µA
 Reverse Recovery Time  trr  30.00  ns


  Environmental Rating   Symbol   Min   Typ   Max   Unit
 Junction Temperature  TJ  175.00  °C
 Operating and Storage Temperature  TSTG/Top  175.00  °C


  Maximum Electrical Rating   Symbol   Min   Typ   Max   Unit
 Forward Current (Surge Peak)  IFSM  25.00  A
 Output Current  IO  1.00  A
 Working Peak Reverse Voltage  VRWM  100.00  V

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