Hi3520 Datasheet PDF – Encoding and Decoding Processor

Part Number: Hi3520

Function: H.264 Encoding and Decoding Processor

Package: 768-pin FPBGA Type

Manufacturer: Hisilicon Technologies ( www.hisilicon.com )




Hi3520 processor system based on high-performance ARM1176 and ARM926 dual-core processor structures, ARM1176 CPU (Central Processing Unit) processing frequency up to 600MHz. ARM1176 as the main control processor, ARM926 for the video and audio business control processor, dual-core architecture will be able to provide more flexible and rich application services, higher performance audio and video services.

Block Diagram




1. CPU Core
(1) ARM1176
(2) I-cache 16 KB, D-cache 16 KB
(3) I-TCM 2 KB
(4) Built-in MMU, supporting multiple open operating systems such as VxWorks, Linux, WinCE, and PalmOS
(5) Up to 600 MHz operating frequency

2. Video Encoding/Decoding
(1) H.264 main profile encoding/decoding
(2) H.264 baseline profile encoding/decoding
(3) JPEG/MJPEG baseline encoding/decoding

3. Video Encoding/Decoding Performance
(1) Overall performance of real-time H.264 encoding/decoding: 8-channel D1
(2) Optimal performance for H.264 encoding/decoding: 1280×1024@30fps
(3) Size : 0.8-mm ball pitch, 27 mm x 27 mm


Hi3520 Datasheet

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