HL4929 Datasheet PDF – Synchronous Flash IC, SOP 8

Part Number: HL4929

Function: Three-way synchronous flash IC

Package: SOP 8 Pin

Manufacturer: ASIC

Image and Pinouts:

HL4929 datasheet

1. Q1, Q2, Q3 : PMOS open-drain output
2. FIN : External clock pulse input terminal
3. H : Frequency division ratio setting terminal 1
4. L : Frequency division ratio setting terminal 2
5. GND : Power Ground (VSS)
6. VDD : power supply positive


The HL4929 is a three-way colorful sync flash integrated circuit for CMOS technology. The working voltage is high and the output current is large. Use the AC mains frequency as the clock pulse input. The four-speed change speed can be changed by two frequency division setting terminals to adapt to different external clocks (50Hz/60Hz).

It is suitable for color mixing with red, green and blue LEDs for color change. It is used for the production of LED bulbs and can directly drive multiple sets of LEDs. It can be used alone or in the case of AC synchronous lighting occasions such as lawn lights, square lights, guardrail lights and other urban lighting decoration occasions.

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HL4929 pdf