HRD050R6 Datasheet PDF – DC/DC Converters – Shindengen

Part Number: HRD050R6

Function: DC-to-DC Voltage Converter, 0.6A/1.5A/3A HR Series

Package: SIP 13 Pin

Manufacturer: Shindengen


HRD050R6 image



1. High Reliability
2. Thermal Protection
3. Small Packaging
4. Standard Output Voltage Adjustment (With External Potentiometer)
5. Custom Control Chip Yields Compact Size with Low Cost
6. Integrated Heat Sink (some models)


HRD050R6 Datasheet Pinout

Other data sheets are available within the file: HRD05003, HRD051R5, HRD120R7, HRD12R35

HRD050R6 Datasheet PDF Download
HRD050R6 pdf


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