HT3582DA Datasheet PDF – Charger Controller Chip – Hotchip

Part Number: HT3582DA

Function: HT3582DA is a built-in reference voltage universal charger controller chip


HT3582DA datasheet pinout

Description – HT3582DA

1. Maximum charge current: 300mA

2. Support for 0V battery charging

(battery positive connection)

3. Automatic identification battery polarity

4. Short circuit protection

5. O
vertemperature protection

6. H
ighly integrated, very few external components

Battery load

When battery power communication and have not had access, the voltage difference between both ends of BTP and BTN 4.23V (typ), L1-L3 state
Description Table 3.

Normal charging and saturation detection

Power connectivity and access to full battery (battery voltage <4.10V [typical]), power began to pass control of the battery into HT3582DA
Line, the charging current of about 300mA (typ), gradually increasing the voltage across the battery when the battery voltage rises to 4.23V (typ)
When the battery is close to saturation, then transferred to a small current constant trickle charge mode. This process of state L1-L3 described in Table 3. when
Battery voltage <4.10V (typ), only to re-charge the battery.

Short circuit protection

If the situation occurs after power access battery short circuit, then HT3582DA internal “circuit protection” system will automatically reduce the charge current
To 25mA (typ). In this case, if the battery again to correct polarity access can still be normal charge.

Over-temperature protection

When charging the chip junction temperature exceeds TO (150 ℃ typ), the internal “over-temperature protection,” the system will automatically reduce the charge current until
The junction temperature drops to TR (120 ℃ typ), IC returns to normal charging status.

HT3582DA Pinout Circuit

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