HT4921 PDF Datasheet – Mobile Power Management IC

A Mobile Power Management IC (Integrated Circuit) is a specialized semiconductor device designed to manage and regulate the power supply and distribution in mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronics. Its primary function is to efficiently handle power conversion, battery charging, and power distribution tasks, optimizing the overall power efficiency and extending battery life.

Part Number: HT4921

Function: Mobile Power Management IC

Package: ESOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: HOTCHIP

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HT4921 is a highly integrated single-cell mobile power management chip. It integrates a charge management module, an LED indicator module, and a boost discharge management module, completely replacing the current charge management IC+MCU+boost IC solution on the market.


1. Highly integrated, very few peripheral components;

2. Linear charging mode, built-in 1A MOSFET, supports 0V battery charging, trickle/constant current/constant voltage three-stage charging.

3. The charging current is externally adjustable.

4. The built-in charging current will decrease as the temperature increases, and it will start to decrease at 130 degrees, and the lowest can be reduced to 0.

5. Anti-backflow protection during discharge.

6. Support single light mode and dual light mode;

7. 4KV ESD

8. Fixed switching frequency 1MHZ

9. Battery overcharge and overdischarge protection

10. Automatic boost when load is inserted, automatic sleep when load is removed

HT4921 pinout

Pin discriptions :

1. GND Chip ground

2. L2 charge and discharge indicator

3. L1 charging indicator

4. VDD External input DC 5V

5. BTP battery terminal

6. PROG Charge current adjustment terminal

7. VOUT Output Voltage Pin

8. LX switch pin


HT4921 PDF Datasheet