i7824DA Datasheet – Quad Operational Amplifier, TSSOP 14

This is one of the OP AMP types.

Part Number: i7824DA, IML7824DA

Function: 18V Rail-to-Rail Quad Operational Amplifier

Package : TSSOP 14 Pin

Manufacturer: Intersil

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The i7824DA is a rail-to-rail quad channels operational amplifier with wide supply range from 4.5V to 18V while consumes only 500uA per channel. It provides 0.5V beyond the supply rails of common mode input range and capability of rail-to-rail output swing as well. This enables the amplifier to offer maximum dynamic range at any supply voltage among many applications. A 3.5MHz gain bandwidth product allows i7824DA to perform more stable than other devices in Internet applications.

i7824DA Pinout



1. Wide supply voltage range 4.5V ~ 18V
2. Input range 500mV beyond the rails
3. Low supply current (per amplifier) 500μA
4. Unity-gain stable
5. Rail-to-rail output swing
6. High slew rate 3.2V/μs
7. GBWP 3.5 MHz
8. 6 MHz -3dB Bandwidth


1. TFT-LCD Reference Driver
2. Touch-Screen Display
3. Wireless LANs
4. Personal Communication Devices
5 Direct Access Arrangement
6. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
7. Active Filter

i7824DA = EC5564

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EC5564 Datasheet

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