ICR18650-30B Datasheet – 2950mAh, Rechargeable Cell – Samsung

This is is a type of lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

Part Number: ICR18650-30B

Function: Lithium-ion Rechargeable Cell, Nominal Capacity : 2950mAh (0.2C, 2.75V discharge)

Cell Dimension : Height : 65.00mm max, Diameter : 18.40mm max

Manufacturer: Samsung


ICR18650-30B samsung



1. Standard Charge

This “Standard Charge” means charging the cell with charge current 1475mA and constant voltage 4.35V at 25℃  for 3hours.

2. Standard Discharge Capacity

The standard discharge capacity is the initial discharge capacity of the cell, which is measured with discharge current of 590mA with 2.75V cut-off at 25℃  within 1hour after the standard charge.

Standard Discharge Capacity    ≥   2850mAh

3. Initial internal impedance

Initial internal impedance measured at AC 1kHz after rated charge.
Initial internal impedance    ≤   100mΩ

4. Temperature Dependence of Discharge Capacity

Capacity comparison at each temperature, measured with discharge constant current 590mA and 2.75V cut-off after the standard charge is as follows.



ICR18650-30B datasheet specs


1. High energy density and high capacity
2. Long cycle life
3. Low self-discharge rate
4. Wide range of operating temperatures


1. Requires a protection circuit to prevent overcharging and over-discharging
2. Can be hazardous if not handled properly
3. More expensive than some other battery types

ICR18650-30B Datasheet


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