IDS101 Datasheet – 10W, Step-Down, DC/DC Converter

Part Number: IDS101

Function: 10W, Step-Down, Single Output DC/DC Converter

Package: Module Type

Manufacturer: Component Distributors


IDS101 datasheet



The IDS101 is 10W, Step-Down, Single Output DC/DC Converter.

High efficiency, wide input voltage range and low output noise define Minmax’s IDS Series of non-isolated, step-down, switching DC/DC converters.

The 3.3V and 5V output devices are respectively up to 93% efficiency.
All models are fully line and load regulated and maintain specified accuracy over the impressively wide input voltage ranges of 4.75 to 13.6V for 3.3V output, 6 to 16.5V for 5V output and 16 to 28V for 3.3V and 5V outputs. Output ripple and noise are typically 30mV P-P


1. Standb- Current 100uA Only

2. Overload Protection

3. Step-down Switching Regulator

4. Temperature Performance -25°C to +70°C

5. Low Output Noise

6. Remote On/Off Control

7. Low Cost

8. MTBF > 1,500,000 Hours

9. Output Current up to 2A

10. Efficienc- up To 93%

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