ILC555 Datasheet PDF – CMOS General Purpose Timer

Part Number: ILC555

Function: CMOS General Purpose Timer

Package: DIP, SOIC 8 Pin

Manufacturer: IK Semiconductor


ILC555 datasheet pdf


The ILC555 is CMOS RC timers providing significantly improved performance over the standard SE/NE555 and 355 timers, while at the same time being direct replacements for those devices in most applications.  Improved parameters include low supply current, wide operating supply voltage range, low THRESHOLD, TRIGGER and RESET currents, no crowbarring of the supply current during output transitions, higher frequency performance and no requirement to decouple CONTROL VOLTAGE for stable operation.


ILC555 CMOS Timer


1. Exact equivalent in most cases for SE/NE555.
2. Low Supply Current.
3. High speed operation – 500 kHz guaranteed.
4. Wide operation supply voltage range – 2 to 18 volts.
5. Timing from microseconds through hours.
6. Operates in both astable and monostable modes.
7. Adjustable duty cycle.
8. High output source/sink driver can drive TTL/CMOS

Other data sheets are available within the file: ILC555N, ILC555D, IZC555

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ILC555 pdf