IP2845N Datasheet PDF – Current Mode Regulating PWM

Part Number: IP2845N

Function: Current Mode Regulating Pulse Width Modulator

Package: DIP 8 Pin

Manufacturer: Semelab ( TT Electronics plc )

Image and Pinouts:

IP2845N datasheet



The IP2845N series of switching regulator control circuits contain all the functions necessary to implement off-line, current mode switching regulators, using a minimum number of external parts. Functions included are voltage reference, error amplifier, current sense comparator, oscillator, totem-pole output driver and under-voltage lockout circuitry.

In addition there is a toggle flip-flop which blanks the output on every second clock pulse, thereby ensuring that the duty cycle never exceeds 50%. Although pin compatible with the UC1844 and UC1845 series, SEMELAB has incorporated several improvements in the IP1844 and IP1845 series allowing tighter and more complete specification of electrical performance.


1. Guaranteed ±1% reference voltage tolerance

2. Guaranteed ±10% frequency tolerance

3. Low start–up current (<500 mA)

4. Under voltage lockout with hysteresis

5. Output state completely defined for all supply and input conditions

Block Diagram


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