ISD5008ZD Datasheet PDF – Voice Record / Playback Device

Part Number: ISD5008ZD

Function: Single-Chip Voice Record / Playback Device

Package: 28-Pin TSOP, 28-Pin Type

Manufacturer: Winbond, ISD, Nuvoton

ISD5008ZD datasheet


The ISD5008ZD ChipCorder product is a 3V fully-integrated, single-chip solution which provides seamless
integration of enhanced voice record and playback features for digital cellular phones (GSM, CDMA,
TDMA, PDC, and PHS), automotive communications, GPS/navigation systems, and portable
communication products. This low-power, 3-volt device enables customers to quickly and easily
integrate 4 to 8 minutes of voice storage features such as one-way or two-way (full duplex) call record,
voice memo record, and call screening/answering machine functionality.


1. Fully-Integrated Solution
(1) Single-chip voice record/playback solution
(2) Integrated sampling clock, anti-aliasing and smoothing filters, and MLS array
(3) Integrated analog features such as automatic gain control (AGC), audio gating switches, speaker driver, summing amplifiers, volume control, and AUX IN/AUX OUT interface (e.g., for car kits)



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