IT8518E PDF – Programmable DC Electronic Load Manual

The Part Number is IT8518E.

This is Programmable DC Electronic Load series Manual.

Manufacturer: ETC, ITECH

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This manual describes the operation of the IT8518E series electronic loads. Unless otherwise noted,all units will be referred to by the description “electronic load” throughout this User’s manual. The following documents and software are shipped with your electronic load. This User’s Guide (this document), contains installation, checkout, front panel information and detailed programming information.

The Getting Started Map will help you find the information you need to complete the specific task thatyou want to accomplish. Refer to the table of contents or index of each guide for a complete list of the information contained within.


IT8518E manual


• High accuracy and high resolution

• Capable to work with constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV), constant resistance (CR) mode and constant power (CW) operation.
• Serial port interface-DB9-RS232 port.
• Triggered input and measurement functions.
• Within the controlled keypad in the front panel
• Built-in pulse generator for continuous, pulsed, and toggled transient mode operation.
• Over voltage, over current, overpower, and over temperature protection.
• Fan speed control by temperature.
• VFD display
• Short circuit test
• Battery testing function

IT8518E PDF Datasheet