ITE8518E Datasheet – LQFP 128, I/O Controller Chip ( PDF )

This is a chip that is commonly used in laptop motherboards to manage power and thermal management functions. It is produced by ITE Tech Inc., a Taiwan-based company that specializes in the design and manufacture of integrated circuits for various electronic devices.

Part number : ITE8518E, ITE8518, IT1851BE

Function: I/O Controller Chip

Package: LQFP128 Type

Manufacturer: ITE Tech, Inc.



The IT8518E is a highly integrated embedded controller with system functions suitable for mobile system applications. The controller directly interfaces to the LPC bus and provides ACPI embedded controller function, keyboard controller (KBC) and matrix scan, external flash interface for system BIOS and EC code, PWM and ADC for hardware monitor, PS/2 interface for external keyboard/mouse devices, BRAM and system wake up functions for system power management.

ITE8518E Datasheet Pinouts

ITE8518E datasheet

1. Multiple voltage regulators: Several voltage regulators that can be programmed to provide different voltages to various components in the laptop.

2. Thermal monitoring: Number of temperature sensors that can monitor the temperature of different parts of the laptop, including the CPU, GPU, and battery.

3. Fan control: Control the speed of the laptop’s cooling fans, adjusting them as needed to maintain optimal operating temperatures.

4. Battery charging: Battery charging circuit that can manage the charging of the laptop’s battery.

5. Power sequencing: Manage the power sequencing of various components in the laptop, ensuring that they are powered up and down in the correct order.

6. Protection features: Various protection features, such as overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, and overtemperature protection, to prevent damage to the laptop’s components.


IT8518 Pinout

IT8518 pinout

IT8518E Datasheet

IT8518E pdf

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