JHD12864E PDF – 128 x 64 Dot, LCD Module

Part Number: JHD12864E

Function: 128 x 64 Dot, LCD

Package: Module Type

Manufacturer: JHD

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JHD12864E is a specific model of a graphical LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) module. It is a 128×64 pixel monochrome display that is commonly used in various embedded systems and microcontroller projects to show graphical information and text.

1. Display Resolution: The JHD12864E has a display resolution of 128×64 pixels, which allows it to display graphics, symbols, and text characters.

2. Monochrome Display: The LCD module typically has a monochrome display, meaning it can show only one color (usually white or yellow) on a dark background.

3. Controller: The JHD12864E is often equipped with a built-in controller (such as the ST7920 or equivalent) that handles the display’s internal operations and communication with external microcontrollers or microprocessors.


• Display construction: 128*64 DOTS

• Display mode: STN / Yellow Green

• Display type: Positive Tranflective

• Viewing direction: 6 o’clock

• Operating temperature: Indoor

• Driving voltage: Single power

• Driving method: 1/64 duty, 1/9 bias

• Type: COB (Chip On Board)

• Number of data line: 8-bit parallel

• Connector: Pin

Block diagram:

JHD12864E pinout datasheet

JHD12864E PDF Datasheet

JHD12864E pdf