JHD162A PDF – 16 Characters x 2 Lines, LCD Module

What is JHD162A?

This is a 16×2 character LCD module that can display up to 32 characters at once on its screen. It is commonly used in embedded systems for displaying various types of information, such as sensor readings, status messages, and menus.

Function: Positive Transflective, 16 Characters – 2 Lines

Package: LCD Module



JHD162A lcd module



1. Display construction : 16 Characters – 2 Lines

2. Display mode : TN/STN

3. Display type : Positive Transflective

4. Backlight : LED(B/5.0V)

5. Viewing direction : 6 o’clock

6. Operating temperature : Indoor

7. Driving voltage : Single power

8. Driving method : 1/16 duty,1/5 bias

9. Type :  COB (Chip On Board)

10. Number of data line : 8-bit parallel

11. Connector : Pin

Mechanical data

1. Module size : 80.0 x 36.0 mm

2. Viewing area : 73.8 x 27.1 mm

3. Weight : About 50 g


JHD162A datasheet pinout


1. Large screen size for displaying more information.

2. Built-in controller simplifies interfacing with a microcontroller.

3. LED backlight makes the screen easy to read in low light conditions.

4. Low power consumption makes it ideal for battery-powered devices.


1. Limited screen size compared to other display technologies.

2. Requires a lot of I/O pins to interface with a microcontroller.

3. Limited character set compared to graphical displays.


Q1: How do I interface the JHD162A with a microcontroller?

A1: It can be interfaced with a microcontroller using a 16-pin header that provides connections for power, ground, and the data and control signals.

Q2: Can I use this module with an Arduino?

A2: Yes, It can be easily interfaced with an Arduino using the LiquidCrystal library.



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