JT3027 Datasheet PDF – PWM Switching Controller – JINTEK

Part Number: JT3027

Function: High performance current – mode PWM power supply power pack

Package: SOP-8, DIP-8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: JINTEK, Suns




The JT3027 is High integration degree, high – performance current – mode PWM decoupler core piece. Applicable power supply, modulator, etc. Small and medium size power supply power supply equipment.

In order to reduce the standby power consumption, meet the higher green environmental standards, the chip provides a burst mode (BurstMode) function. That is, under light load or no load, JT3027 can linearly reduce the switching frequency of the chip, thus reducing the switching loss, get lower standby power consumption, improve the power system conversion efficiency.






1. Burst Mode function;
2. Low cadence current (7uA) (1.6mA);
3. Inside the room before extinguishing;
4. Inside the building;
5. Electric current modeling work;
6. External adjustable PWM operation frequency ratio;
7. Sequential current limit protection (OCP);
8. Internal construction system VDD fitting protection;
9. Low voltage function (UVLO);
10. Power consumption (18.5V);
11. Constant export performance limit;
12. Overprotection (OLP);


JT3027 Datasheet PDF


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