K4B2G1646Q-BCK0 Datasheet – DDR3-1600 SDRAM – Samsung

Part Number: K4B2G1646Q-BCK0

Function: 2Gb Q-die DDR3 SDRAM ( 1.5V, 128M x 16 )

Package: 96FBGA Type

Manufacturer: Samsung

K4B2G1646Q-BCK0 ddr3 1600 sdram


The K4B2G1646Q-BCK0 is 2Gb DDR3 SDRAM.

The 2Gb DDR3 SDRAM Q-die is organized as a 16Mbit x 16 I/Os x 8 banks device. This synchronous device achieves high speed double-data-rate transfer rates of up to 2133Mb/sec/pin (DDR3-2133) for general applications. The chip is designed to comply with the following key DDR3 SDRAM features such as posted CAS, Programmable CWL, Internal (Self) Calibration, On Die Termination using ODT pin and Asynchronous Reset.

SDRAM stands for Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. It is a type of computer memory that is used to store data temporarily for the processor to access quickly. SDRAM is a type of dynamic RAM (DRAM), which means that it requires refreshing to keep its contents. However, SDRAM is synchronous, which means that it is synchronized with the clock speed of the computer’s processor. This synchronization allows the memory to operate at higher speeds and provides faster access to the data stored in it.

Ordering Information

K4B2G1646Q-BCK0 ordering information


1. 8 Banks

2. 8-bit pre-fetch

3. Bi-directional Differential Data-Strobe

4. On Die Termination using ODT pin

5. Asynchronous Reset

2Gb DDR3 Q-die Speed bins ( DDR3-1600, 11-11-11)

tCK(min) : 1.25 ns
CAS Latency : 11 nCK
tRCD(min) : 13.75 ns
tRP(min) : 13.75 ns
tRAS(min) : 35 ns
tRC(min) : 48.75 ns



K4B2G1646Q-BCK0 datasheet pinout


K4B2G1646Q-BCK0 Datasheet PDF


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