KA8301 Datasheet PDF – DC Motor Driver – Samsung

Part Number: KA8301

Function: BI-Directional DC Motor Driver

Package: SIP 10 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Samsung

Image and Pinouts:

KA8301 datasheet



The KA8301 is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for driving bi-directional DC motor with braking and speed control, and suitable for the loading motor driver of VCR systems.

The speed control can be achieved by adjusting the external voltage of the speed control pin.




1. Built-in brake function.

2. Built-in element to absorb a surge current derived from changing motor direction and braking motor drive.

3. External motor speed control pin

4. Motor direction change circuit.

5. Interfaces with CMOS devices.



1. Video cassette recorder (VCR) loading motor

2. Low current DC motor such audio or video equipment

3. General DC motor


Other data sheets are available within the file: KA-8301


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