KB3920 Datasheet PDF – Keyboard Controller – ENE

Part Number: KB3920

Function: Keyboard Controller

Package: 144-LQFP Type

Manufacturer: ENE Technology


KB3920 datasheet



This is Keyboard Controller.


1. Low Pin Count Host Interface (LPC)
2. SIRQ supporting IRQ1, IRQ12, SCI or SMI# interrupt
3. I/O Address Decoding:
4. KBC IO Port 60h/64h
5. Programmable EC IO Port 62h/66h
6. Programmable 4-byte Index I/O ports to access internal registers
7. One Programmable I/O write byte-address decoding (for example, it can be used to decode Port_80h)

Analog To Digital Converter (ADC)

1.Four built-in ADCs with 8-bit resolution
2. The ADC pins can be alternatively configured as General Purpose Inputs (GPIs)

Pulse Width Modulator (PWM)
1. Four built-in PWMs (2 are FANPWM)
2. Selectable clock sources: 1MHz/64KHz/4KHz/256Hz
3. Configurable cycle time (up to 1 sec) and duty cycle


1. Chip Dimension : 20 x 20 mm2
2. Microprocessor : 8051
3. Built-in SRAM : 2048 + 128 bytes
4. Flash Memory Range : 1M bytes(ISA), 2M bytes (SPI)

– KB3910 176-pin LQFP /  KB3920 144-pin LQFP



Other data sheets are available within the file: KB3910

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