KIA6043S Datasheet PDF – PLL FM Stereo Multiplex

Part Number: KIA6043S

Function: PLL FM Stereo Multiplex for audio

Package: SIP-9 Pin

Manufacturer: KEC


KIA6043S datasheet



The KIA6043S is PLL FM Stereo Multiplex IC.

It is suitable for automotive applications and portable radio applications because of space merit by the package and wide supply voltage range.




1. Excellent Pilot Lamp Sensitivity. : VL(ON)=9mVrms (Typ.)

2. Suitable for LED Driving. :  ILAMP=20mA(Max.)

3. Recommendable Input Voltage Range. : VIN=200 700mVrms

4. Operating Supply Voltage Range. : VCC=3.5 12V

5. Excellent Channel Separation. : Sep=45dB(Typ.)

Block Diagram :


Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C)

1. Supply Voltage : VCC = 12 V

2. Lamp Voltage : VLAMP = 16 V

3. Lamp Current : ILAMP = 20 mA

4. Power Dissipation : PD = 500 mW

KIA6043S Datasheet PDF Download

KIA6043S pdf

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