STK496-430 PDF – Stereo Audio Amplifier – STK496430

Part Number: STK496-430

Function: Stereo Audio Amplifier

Package: SIP 22 Pin type

Manufacturer: Sanyo, Philips


STK496-430 pinout


STK496-430 is Stereo Audio Amplifier. A stereo audio amplifier module is an integrated electronic device that amplifies audio signals to drive stereo speakers or headphones. It is designed to provide high-quality sound reproduction and is commonly used in various audio systems, such as stereo systems, home theater setups, portable speakers, and automotive audio systems.

Key features:

1. Stereo Configuration: A stereo audio amplifier module has two independent amplifier channels, one for the left audio channel and the other for the right audio channel. This allows for separate amplification and output to the left and right speakers, providing a spatial and immersive audio experience.

2. Amplification Power: The module’s power rating determines the maximum power output it can deliver to the speakers. It is usually specified in watts per channel (WPC) or total watts (Watts RMS) for both channels combined. Higher power ratings enable the amplifier to drive larger and more demanding speakers with ease. [ … ]


STK496-430 pdf datasheet

STK496-430 PDF Datasheet

BK1085 Datasheet PDF – FM Stereo Transmitter – Beken

Part Number: BK1085, BK1085TB

Function : FM Stereo Transmitter

Package: 3×3 mm 20-pin QFN package ,16-pin TSSOP package or 10-pin SSOP

Manufacturer: Beken Corporation


BK1085 FM stereo transmitter


This is FM Stereo Transmitter.



1. Support 64~125 MHz band

2. Fully integrated PLL

3. Digital FM stereo encoder

4. 50us/75us pre-emphasis

5. Max output power 10dBm

6. Output power programmable

7. 2.5 ~ 3.6 V supply voltage

8. Active current 15 mA

9. Wide range reference clock support

10. 3-wireSPI or 2-wire I2C interface



BK1085 pinout datasheet



1. MP3 Player

2. Wireless Speaker

3. Toys


Other data sheets are available within the file: BK1085TB, BK1085QB, BK1085SB

BK1085 Datasheet


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