KIS-3R33S Datasheet – 10W, DC-DC Step Down Converter

This is one of the converter types.

Part Number: KIS-3R33S

Function: 3A, 10 W, DC-DC Step Down Converter

Package: Module type

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KIS-3R33S module


This module comes with output voltage preset to 3.3V. However, it is easy to readjust and have output setat any voltage from 1.21 V – 10.43 V, if the circuit is modified then the output voltage can be varied up to 20V. Different LEDs from different manufacturers operateat different maximum continuous voltage, which in turn determines the maximum current flowing throughthe LED.

To protect LED and to provide stable light characteristics it is necessary to limit the voltage output from the KIS-3R33S module according to the specific requirements for each type of power LED, as specified by the manufacturer.

KIS-3R33S Pinouts

KIS-3R33S datasheet converter

KIS-3R33S Datasheet PDF

KIS-3R33S pdf


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