L5955 Datasheet PDF – Multifunction Voltage Regulator

Part Number: L5955

Function: Multiple Multifunction Voltage Regulator for Car Radio

Package: Flexiwatt27 Type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

Image and Pinouts:

L5955 datasheet



The L5955 is an integration of three high side drivers, six regulators and two stand-by regulators
with RESET function developed to provide the power to a complete audio system. The outputs of the IC are controlled by I2C bus and Enable pin. The device is equipped with sequencing and slew rate controls for the st-by regulators.


1. 2 stand-by regulators:

(1) 3.3V (125mA)
(2) 1.5V (300mA)

2. 6 regulators :

(1) 10V (40mA)
(2) 8.5V (200mA)
(3) 3.3V (850mA)
(4) 8/10V (1A)
(5) 5/3.3/1.8V (200mA)
(6) 1.8/2.5V(200mA)

3. All regulators are low dropout outputs
4. The different outputs voltage are controlled by I2C Bus.
5. Reg3 on/off controlled by enable
6. Reg1, Reg2, Reg4, Reg5, Reg6 on/off controlled by I2C Bus.
7. 3 high side drivers:
(1) 2A (HSD1)
(2) 0.45A (HSD2 & HSD3)

8. No external charge pump capacitors are required
9. LVW function externally selectable
10. Individual thermal shutdown
11. Independent current limiting
12. Short circuit protection
13. Load dump protection and overvoltage shutdown

Other data sheets are available within the file: L-5955

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