L5973D Datasheet- 2.5A, Switching Regulator ( PDF )

Part Number: L5973D

Function: 2.5A, Switch step down switching regulator

Package: HSOP8 exposed pad Type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics


L5973D datasheet



The L5973D is a step down monolithic power switching regulator with a minimum switch current limit of 2.5 A so it is able to deliver more than 2 A DC current to the load depending on the application conditions.

The output voltage can be set from 1.235 V to 35 V. The high current level is also achieved thanks to an SO8 package with exposed frame, that allows to reduce the Rth(j-amb) down to approximately 40 °C/W.


1. 2.5 A internal switch
2. Operating input voltage from 4 V to 36 V
3. 3.3 V / (±2%) reference voltage
4. Output voltage adjustable from 1.235 V to 35
5. Low dropout operation: 100 % duty cycle
6. 250 kHz internally fixed frequency
7. Voltage feedforward
8. Zero load current operation
9. Internal current limiting
10. Inhibit for zero current consumption
11. Synchronization
12. Protection against feedback disconnection
13. Thermal shutdown


1. Consumer: STB, DVD, TV, VCR, car radio, LCD monitors
2. Networking: XDSL, modems, DC-DC modules
3.  Computer: printers, audio/graphic cards, optical storage, hard disk drive
4.  Industrial: changers, car battery, DC-DC converters

Other data sheets are available within the file: L5973

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