LA78040B PDF Datasheet – Vertical Deflection Output IC

This post explains for the Monolithic Linear IC.

The Part Number is LA78040B.

The function is The Vertical Deflection Output IC for TVs and CRT displays.

The package is 220-7H Type

Manufacturer: Sanyo

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LA78040B pdf


The LA78040B is a vertical deflection output IC for TVs and CRT displays with excellent image quality that use a BUS control system signal processing IC. This IC can drive the direct (even including a DC component) deflection yoke with the saw tooth wave output from the BUS control system signal processing IC.

A Vertical Deflection Output IC, also known as a vertical output stage or vertical deflection amplifier, is an integrated circuit used in electronic devices such as televisions and monitors. It is responsible for driving the vertical deflection yoke, which controls the vertical movement of the electron beam in a cathode ray tube (CRT) or the liquid crystal display (LCD) panel in modern flat-screen displays.

The vertical deflection output IC receives the vertical synchronization signal from the video source and amplifies it to generate the necessary current and voltage levels to drive the vertical deflection yoke. The yoke generates a magnetic field that moves the electron beam in a controlled manner, allowing the display to refresh the image vertically.


• Low power dissipation due to built-in pump-up circuit • Vertical output circuit • Thermal protection circuit built in • Excellent crossover characteristics • DC coupling possible Specifications Maximum Ratings at Ta = 25°C Parameter Pump-up block supply voltage Output block supply voltage Allowable power dissipation Deflection output current Thermal resistance Operating temperature Storage temperature Symbol VCC2 max VCC6 max Pd max I5 max θj-c Topr Tstg Mounted on an arbitrarily large heat sink. Conditio […]

LA78040B pinout datasheet

LA78040B Datasheet