LC320WXE-SCA1 PDF Datasheet – 32 Inch, TFT LCD Module

This post explains for the TFT LCD Module.

The Part Number is LC320WXE-SCA1.

The function of this LCD is 32 inch WXGA TFT Module.

Manufacturer: LG

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The LC320WXE-SCA1 is a color active matrix liguid crystal display with an intergral external elecrode fluorescent lamp(EEFL) backlight system. The matrix employs a-Si Thin Film transistor as the active element.

TFT LCD (Thin-Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) module is a type of flat-panel display that uses thin-film transistor technology to improve the image quality and response time of traditional LCDs. TFT LCD modules consist of a layer of liquid crystal material sandwiched between two sheets of glass or plastic substrates, with each pixel controlled by its own thin-film transistor.

TFT LCD modules are widely used in various electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming devices, and automotive displays because they offer high resolution, high contrast, and fast refresh rates.


1. Active Screen Size : 31.51 inches ( 800.4 mm ) diagonal

2. Outline Dimension : 760.0(H) x 450.0(V) x 43.0 mm(D)

3. Pixel Pitch : 0.51075 mm x 0.17025 mm X RGB

4. Color Depth : 8bit, 16.7M Color

5. Weight : 4.8 Kg(Typ.)

6. Display Mode : Transmissive mode, Normally black

LC320WXE-SCA1 datasheet

LC320WXE-SCA1 PDF Datasheet