LC78626E Datasheet PDF – Digital Signal Processor – Sanyo

Part Number: LC78626E

Function: Digital Signal Processor for Compact Disc Player

Package: QIP100E, FLP100 Type

Manufacturer: SANYO (Panasonic)


LC78626E datasheet



The LC78626E is a monolithic compact disk player signal processing and servo control CMOS IC equipped with an internal anti-shock control function. Designed for total functionality including support for EFM-PLL, and one-bit D/A converter, and containing analog low-pass filter, the LC78626E provides optimal cost-performance for low-end CD players that provide anti-shock systems. The basic functions provided by this IC include modulation of the EFM signal from the optical pick-up, deinterleaving, detection and correction of signal errors, prevention of a maximum of approximately 10 seconds of skipping, signal processing such as digital filtering (which is useful in reducing the cost of the player), and processing of a variety of servo-related commands from the microprocessor.


1. When an HF signal is input, it is sliced to precise levels and converted to an EFM signal. The phase is compared with the internal VCO and a PLL clock is reproduced at an average frequency of 4.3218 MHz.

2. Precise timing for a variety of required internal timing needs (including the generation of the reference clock) is produced by the attachment of an external 16.9344 MHz crystal oscillator.

3. The speed of revolution of the disk motor is controlled by the frame phase difference signal generated by the playback clock and the reference clock.


Other data sheets are available within the file: LC78626

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