LCR-0202 Datasheet – Analog Linear Coupling – Eagle Power

Part Number: LCR-0202

Function: Analog Linear Optical Coupling

Pakcage : DIP 4 PIn Type

Manufacturer: Eagle Power





Analog Linear Optical Coupling is photoelectric component by inputting the different current to control the changes of resistance. It makes use of CdS and LED semi-conductor with rigorous selection, aging and test. The product is widely used by current input control and pure resistance with non-polarity output. Our company own the patent of manufacturing and the patent number is ZL02225334.3.



LCR-0202 datasheet


1. Pure resistor and non-polarity output .
2. Wide range of analog linear resistance, the low “on”resistance, high “off”resistance.
3. Simple circuit configuration suitable for DC and AC use.
4. Input to output isolation, and low distortion coupling.
5. Encapsulation with PPO high-temperature resistant material.


LCR0202 Pinouts info :

Other data sheets are available within the file: LCR0202

LCR-0202 Datasheet

LCR0202 pdf


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