LE75181 Datasheet PDF – Ringing Access Switch

Part Number: LE75181

Function: Ringing Access Switch / VE750 Series

Package: SOIC 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Zarlink Semicoductor


LE75181 datasheet


The VoiceEdge™ family VE750 series of Line Card Access Switches (LCAS) is a family of monolithic solid-state switches that is designed to provide both power ringing access and test access on the analog line card. These devices, while not a pin for-pin replacement for the traditional electromechanical relay (EMR) solution, provide the equivalent switching functionality. The VE750 series LCAS is meant as a solid-state alternative to the EMRs.


1. Small size/surface-mount packaging
2. Monolithic IC reliability
3. Low impulse noise
4. Make-before-break, break-before-make operation
5. Clean, bounce-free switching
6. Low, matched ON-resistance
7. Built-in current limiting, thermal shutdown, and SLIC protection
8. 5 V only operation, very low power consumption

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LE75181 pdf

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