LGD70-100A PDF – Global Pro-tection, 600V, Fuse

Part Number: LGD70-100A

Function: Global Pro-tection Fuses

Manufacturer: Littefuse

Images:LGD70-100A pdf fuse


The Global Pro-tection system from Littelfuse is the world’s only fuse system designed for use anywhere, in any equipment, in virtually any country. The Global Protection system simplifies circuit protection by incorporating North American electrical requirements into fuse styles found in the rest of the world. The system’s reduced size, touch-safe design, and international acceptance make the Global Pro system the easy circuit protection choice for engineers and equipment designers everywhere.

Global Pro fuses provide quick and positive visual identification of blown fuses by using a pop-up indicator design that protrudes from the top of the fuse, immediately alerting
maintenance personnel that it needs to be replaced. The pop-up indicator is designed to activate a microswitch that is built into every Global Pro system to activate stack-lights or
to integrate into PLC networks and provide equipment operators with a remote method of determining when the fuse needs to be replaced.

1. Global Protection: This suggests that the fuse is intended for use in a wide range of applications or environments to provide protection against electrical faults. It may be suitable for global use, meaning it complies with international standards and can be used in various countries.

2. 600V: This indicates the voltage rating of the fuse. A 600V fuse is designed to operate safely and effectively in electrical circuits with a maximum voltage of 600 volts. Fuses are typically rated for specific voltage levels to ensure they can interrupt the flow of current under fault conditions without arcing or damage.


1. Extremely compact size

2. Pop-up Indication


1. Motor control centers

2. Motor branch circuits


LGD70-100A PDF Datasheet