LM325N Datasheet PDF – Dual Voltage Regulator

Part Number: LM325N

Function: Dual Voltage Regulator

Package: DIP 14 Pin type

Manufacturer: National ->Texas Instruments


LM325N datasheet



These dual polarity tracking regulators are designed to provide balanced positive and negative output voltages at current up to 100 mA, and are set for +-15V outputs. Input voltages up to +-30V can be used and there is provision for adjustable current limiting.

These devices are available in two package types to accommodate various power require ments and temperature ranges.


1. ±15V tracking outputs

2. Output current to 100 mA

3. Output voltage balanced to within 2%

4. Line and load regulation of 0.06%

5. Internal thermal overload protection

6. Standby current drain of 3 mA

7. Externally adjustable current limit

8. Internal current limit


Acquired by Texas Instruments on September 23rd, 2011.


LM325N Datasheet PDF Download

LM325N pdf

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