LM5017SD Datasheet PDF – 600mA, Buck Regulator

Part Number: LM5017SD

Function: LM5017 100 V, 600 mA Constant On-Time Synchronous Buck Regulator

Package: WSON-8 and SO PowerPAD-8 Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


LM5017SD datasheet



The LM5017SD is a 100 V, 600 mA synchronous step-down regulator with integrated high side and low side MOSFETs. The constant-on-time (COT) control scheme employed in the LM5017 requires no loop compensation, provides excellent transient response, and enables very low step-down ratios.

The on-time varies inversely with the input voltage resulting in nearly constant frequency over the input voltage range. A high voltage startup regulator provides bias power for internal operation of the IC and for integrated gate drivers.


1. Integrated 100-V high-side and low-side switches

2. No schottky required

3. Constant on-time control

4. No loop compensation required

5. Ultra-fast transient response

6. Nearly constant operating frequency

7. Intelligent peak current limit


LM5017SD Datasheet PDF Download

LM5017SD pdf

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