LM5022 Datasheet PDF – SEPIC and Flyback Controller

Part Number: LM5022

Function: 60V Low Side Controller for Boost and SEPIC

Package: VSSOP-10 Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


LM5022 datasheet



The LM5022 is a high voltage low-side N-channel MOSFET controller ideal for use in boost and SEPIC regulators. It contains all of the features needed to implement single ended primary topologies. Output voltage regulation is based on current-mode control,which eases the design of loop compensation while providing inherent input voltage feed-forward. The LM5022 includes a start-up regulator that operates over a wide input range of 6V to 60V.
The PWM controller is designed for high speed capability including an oscillator frequency range up to 2 MHz and total propagation delays less than 100 ns.
Additional features include an error amplifier, precision reference, line under-voltage lockout, cycle-by-cycle current limit, slope compensation, soft-start,external synchronization capability and thermal shutdown.


• Internal 60V Startup Regulator

• 1A Peak MOSFET Gate Driver

Vin Range 6V to 60V

• Duty Cycle Limit of 90%

• Programmable UVLO with Hysteresis

• Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit

• External Synchronizable (AC-coupled)

• Single Resistor Oscillator Frequency Set

• Slope Compensation

• Adjustable Soft-start

• VSSOP-10 Package


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LM5022 pdf

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