LM7803-1A Datasheet – 1A, 3.3V, Switching Regulator

Part Number: LM7803-1A

Function: Three-terminal regulator switching DC-DC module ( 1A, 3.3V )

The manufacturers of this product is Ten Power ( www.ten-power.com ).

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LM7803-1A datasheet regulator


TEN-POWER LM7803-1A series of ultra-compact, high-efficiency switching regulator, conventional 78XX series of three-terminal linear regulators ideal alternative, pin-compatible, can be directly replaced. Its high efficiency, low loss, low fever, without the use of external heat sink.


LM7803-1A pinout


1. Switching efficiency up to 96%

2. Pin compatible with conventional 78xx series

3. Full load output current 1A

4. No external heat sink

5. Short circuit protection, thermal protection

6. Low ripple and noise

7. Meet the requirements of UL94-V0

8. Working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃

LM7803-1A Datasheet PDF


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