LM79L05 Datasheet PDF – 5V, Negative Regulator

Part Number: LM79L05

Function: 100mA, 5V, 3-Terminal Negative Regulator

Package: TO-226 Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


LM79L05 datasheet



This is 100mA, Negative Linear Voltage Regulator.

The LM79LXXAC series of 3-terminal negative voltage regulators features fixed output voltages of −5V, −12V, and −15V with output current capabilities in excess of 100mA. These devices were designed using the latest computer techniques for optimizing the packaged IC thermal/electrical performance.



1. Preset Output Voltage Error is Less than ±5% Over Load, Line and Temperature

2. Specified at an Output Current of 100mA

3. Easily Compensated with a Small 0.1μF Output Capacitor

4. Internal Short-Circuit, Thermal and Safe Operating Area Protection

5. Easily Adjustable to Higher Output Voltages


LM79L05 Datasheet PDF Download

LM79L05 pdf

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